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quality products at affordable prices

Take a look through our product catalogue below.

We put quality and excellence at the forefront of our manufacturing process to ensure that you receive nothing but the best.

Your can browse through the interior of each product by clicking through the arrows of each product display image.



economy brown fumed coffin

economy ltl

economy cherry

flatlid caramel 

flatlid midbrown coffin

flatlid cleveland coffin

two-tier crucifix coffin

flatlid shell coffin

flatlid swing bar coffin

flatlid eleganze coffin

2'6 youth coffin

2'6 youth coffin white

2' youth coffin

1'9 youth coffin white

CG caskets website background (13).png


halfview midrange windsor casket

halfview premier kingston casket

halfview porthole casket

halfview porthole casket

halfview prestige casket

halfview octagonal casket

halfview avante rs white casket

 quarter view infinity casket

4-tier redwood casket

4-tier premier casket

4-tier silkwood casket

dutch economy cherry casket

dutch cannondale casket

dutch sliding rs casket

dutch flatlid cleveland 

ducth rs casket

3' youth casket white

3' youth casket

2' youth casket

CG caskets website background (13).png


wood turning redwood dome

wood turning cream ostrich dome

wood turning arizona dome

wood tuning prestige dome

wood turning dome

wood turning brown leather dome

superior white dome

superior salt oak dome

superior foil dome

superior cream leather dome

superior chestnut high gloss dome

superior high gloss cherry dome

superior burgundy dome

superior premier dome

superior brown ostrich dome

superior foil infinity dome

superior arizona 2 tone dome

superior royal dome

royal burgundy dome

royal premier dome

royal prestige dome

royal arizona dome

kingston salt oak dome

kingston dome white

kingston infinty dome

kingston wood turning brown ostrich dome

kingston cream ostrich
(Bank Alder) dome

kingston brown ostrich dome

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